Hello From Tenerife Dog Boarding and Training, we couldn’t be any happier to announce the opening of our dream dog care project here in Tenerife.

Our bespoke built dog hotel and cutting edge training techniques have taken a lifetimes worth of planning and we are now open to welcome you and your dogs for a range of services. When your lucky dog stays with us for a couple of nights or more they can relax in front of there view over the ocean in their spare time. Of course if you need to just drop them for one day they are more than welcome. But we are much more than just a luxury dog hotel.

Who are we ?

hello from tenerife dog boarding and training

Our complete dog (and human) education center founded by Pierluigi and Alessandra Tombetti which offers all services for the well-being of your four-legged friends. We have come all the way from Italy where we have worked extensively with dogs for many years now . We have founded our business with our knowledge and love for dogs , and have also brought with us Blade and Indy who are two of the four parts of how we connect dogs with humans. We have developed our unique training techniques with the help of our dogs.

What we can offer you and your dogs

We have thought of everything and can offer you: dog training, boarding, daycare, swimming pool, walking, physical activity, play and socialization areas, mobility, etc. We provide solutions to your dog’s specific problems in a customized way and adapt them to your needs, even at home. 

We are busy building at the moment. We are constructing, as mentioned , the bespoke dog hotel and our own new premises. We are also building a website that you will be able to discover everything about us , and our services for you and your dogs. It is live but still under construction, you can check some boarding and other services here , and also contact us : https://tenerifedogboardingandtraining.com/

We will be operating at the moment of a small scale,as we are busy, but intend to be in full swing by February offering all the services mentioned above. Please feel free to come and see us with your dogs , although we are busy we are very happy say hi to anyone that stops by, feel free to contact us you will find all our details here on our contact page.

hello from tenerife dog boarding and training
Hello From Tenerife Dog Boarding and Training