boarding and training dog services

Boarding and Training Dog Services

Boarding and training dog services summarized for you in one page, please click all the buttons and links to explore further.

Dog Boarding with us has been designed for your needs with your dogs comfort in mind. If you have to leave your dog for a quick trip off the Island or even have a bigger holiday planned we have you covered. Basically, Contact us as soon as possible to be sure we arent full and come have a look around. We have 8 super comfortable cottages that can be joined if you have more than 1 dog staying. They have play areas to have fun and exercise, a swimming pool , and us looking after them as one of the family. We will stay in touch and Whats-app photos to keep you in touch. Boarding and training service’s are our specialty ,and we can also do some training if needed or requested.

Like most of us dog lovers , life sometimes isn’t ideal and we cant be together all the time. If you have a dog that just cant stand to be alone, or a dog that will destroy the house and hassle the neighbors when you are out , then we are hear for you with a really easy solution.

Just give us a call, at the last minute if needed, and you can drop him or her with us just like that. We have plenty of space for them to play and make friends. If they dont like to make friends or have special needs just let us know in advance and we will take care of it. Click here to read more.

Boarding and Dog Training Services

Dog boarding and training services is not the only thing we do, we also offer walking and hiking as it’s one of the best way to keep us all fit. A dog, or most, needs to have a really healthy physical life in order to stay emotional and psychologically fit. This also creates a respectful relationship allowing humans to connect with their dogs.

We offer a long brisk walk , on leash , around all the normal areas that your dog would normally go. Its done with as many friends as possible on the day and of course an instructor. Hit the button below to find out more.

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Boarding and Dog Training Services Provide Group Lessons

Boarding and Dog Training Services provide Group lessons as a great way are the best way to allow dogs to learn from each other and also understand from a human point how the pack interacts and our role within that pack.

boarding and training dog services

Dogs and humans are all different and sometimes a little extra attention is needed to resolve certain issues. Improve the relationship with your dog by deepening the understanding of his needs. We need to live together in a peaceful environment at home therefore some private lessons can help us understand each other a bit better. Our speciality is connecting humans with dogs for a better relationship, this is quickly achieved with a private lesson or two.

Boarding and Dog Training Services

Lessons at Home are a great way for one of our trainers to observe your dog in his natural habitat to understand why and how his behavior came around in order to correct it. Its the only way to catch the dog and yourself interacting as normal without the distraction of other dogs and environmental distractions.

Boarding and Dog Training Services

Dog Socialization Lessons

Dog Socialization Lessons are a fantastic way for your dog to become a well adapted healhty animal. Like us at school kids learn from kids, so its important to start you pup as soon as possible to give them a healthy head start in life. If they’ve grown up a bit faster than you expected and somehow missed out on the young puppy fun , its not a problem , they can still learn from each other in a safe place observed by our staff.

We work a lot with behavior problems and see every type from aggression, anxiety, hyper activity, biting and many more. Dont despair with your dogs problem, its just a case of working out how and why the dog is trying to communicate with us by being naughty. Dont worry? we will deal with any problem, just drop us a line and lets have a chat.

Kids and Dogs are made to be together, however they need to understand each others boundaries in order to have a respectful healthy relationship. With a healthy understanding of each other they will grow together in a beautiful way. We love these lessons, just give us a call.

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Boarding and Training Dog Services FAQ's

For short stays no, for longer stays and courses yes.

Absolutely, thats what we are here for, to teach them how

Generally 1 hour

For learning reasons , its better to have 1 meber of the family

We are fully insured and covered on every legal sense.

We have a vet closely working alongside us and you will be informed immediately.

At the moment we have 8 rooms available.

Mon – Sat

9 – 5pm

We Hope Thats Covered Everything You Need ?

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