Behavior Problems

Behavior Problems are something we understand very well and see a lot of. We will guide you and your dog to overcome any and all behavior problems.

Common Behavior Problems

Living with a dog in some cases confronts us with several not easy situations that can turn out to be minor or serious behavioural problems.

Some of these are:

– Anxieties

– Phobias

– Fears of various kinds (e.g. thunderstorms, sudden noises)

– Hyperactivity

– Aggressiveness in all its forms

– Possessiveness

– Biting

– Excessive vocalisation (continuous barking and howling)

– Obsessive problems

– Hierarchical attitudes or dominance behaviour

– Destructiveness

Each of these requires a series of lessons, either individual or group, which aim to help the dog resolve the problem and direct its emotional and physical energies towards correct behaviour.

behavior problems

How we work with Behaviour Problems

Behviour problems are resolved using various methods, including positive reinforcement and dogs with special skills in teaching and transmitting behavioural information to others.

The majority of canine problems are characterised by difficulties in controlling and managing emotions and an impaired ability to conform their behaviour to the demands of the environment and their peers. Being helped by other dogs to do this, is one of the great possibilities offered by the education centre.

Sometimes the owner of a dog with behavioural problems is driven out of exasperation to take the dog to a kennel or to use force; this naturally exacerbates the problem and makes the dog feel oppressed, challenged, and not understood, and this often leads to biting or aggression.

Mainly this happens because it is not realised that behaviour problems are often expressions of malaise or misunderstanding resulting from a lack of knowledge of canine communication dynamics.

An initial meeting with the dog and the owner

An initial meeting with the dog and the owner (sometimes also with the family) is essential to observe the animal and assess the best course of help, which is implemented as soon as possible and can include individual or group sessions (insert links to respective pages). Re-education closely involves the dog and its human family since every course here at Tenerife Dog Boarding And Training serves to re-establish a correct dog-human connection, according to the centre’s motto: Connecting Dog & Humans.

From the very first meeting, we will provide you with information on specific techniques that can be adopted and applied immediately in situations where the dog shows problems, so that immediate results can be achieved.

A happy dog is a well-balanced dog that knows how to behave: excluding serious neurological pathologies or similar, every dog can regain the right psycho-physical balance: all that is needed is tenacity and patience on his part and on the part of the owner, but over time excellent results are always obtained.


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