Dog Day Care

Dog Day Care ? Do you have to go to work and fear that your friend is too lonely? Or when you’re not there, does he ruin the skirting boards or the sofa? Do you have a super-energetic dog with a great desire to play and be with friends? Does your dog get bored and disturb the neighbours?

There is a solution: here at Tenerife Dog Boarding and Training we offer you the daycare service. Leave your dog at our centre, we will welcome him as a member of our family and he immediately find himself immersed in a playful and fun environment in the company of other friends that will become his second home.


Dogs are social animals. To grow up healthy and balanced, they must be able to develop and maintain relationships with their peers. Dailycare gives your furry friend the unique opportunity to leave a familiar environment that represents his comfort zone and meet people and other dogs he does not know, learning to feel comfortable in new situations and developing new friendships. This will prove to be an exceptional experience for him.


During his stay, the dog engages in appropriate play and cognitive activities that turn a day alone at home into a fantastic adventure in nature and with other friends.

So many things to do! Socializing walks together with other dogs, educational mind-activating and search-find games, large enclosures in which he can move around peacefully and, when the time comes, shady and breezy areas in which to rest.

In addition, if the case requires it, he will be helped by us and the other dogs to improve harmful behaviour with appropriate training culminating in pool play. Your four-legged friend will look forward to coming back!

For those with a dog and inflexible working hours, or who want to spend a relaxing day at the beach without feeling guilty for leaving their friend alone, this is the ideal place to leave your dog safely, also for the video sending service, whereby videos of the dog are sent via WhatsApp during his day.

We take care of each guest by arranging activities, water replacement and food supply, games, swimming pool, etc.

dog day care



Monday-Saturday 08:00-17:00

(Admissions can be used for both dog daycare and lessons)

The second dog pays half price.

1 admission = € 30


The settlement of the subscription is due on the first entry

The second dog pays half.

  • 5 admissions x € 28 = € 140
  • 10 admissions x € 26 = € 260
  • 20 admissions x € 24 = € 480
  • 25 admissions x € 22 = € 550
  • 30 admissions x € 20 = € 600
  • 35 admissions x € 18 = € 630
  • 40 admissions x € 17 = € 680
  • 50 admissions x € 16 = € 800
dog day care


Yes within our working hours. Phone or email us for more info

Your dogs need to be disease free but overweight, old or handicapped are welcome

Doggy Day Care

For your convenience and your dogs pleasure