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Dog Socialization Lessons

Dog Socialization is great fun and happens in groups. We also hold private lessons or lessons at home. All this is done with great attention to the safety of dogs and humans, both with facilities, fences, special areas, etc., and with appropriate methods.

Why Dog Socialization ?

Dog Socialization develops balanced behaviour. Socialisation helps it to fit in well in any social context and likewise helps the owner who learns to better understand his dog, his language, the reason for his behaviour, enabling him to cope with everyday situations.

Socialisation should begin as early as possible, because there is a specific period in a dog’s life when the best results are achieved. This occurs at an early age, in the very first months of life, when every lesson is fixed forever in the dog’s mind with natural principles destined to make him achieve the best results throughout his life.

There are well-founded reasons for socialising dogs in packs, even at an older age. It is essential for their emotional and physical wellbeing because they learn the correct behaviour in every situation and develop more specific skills. This is due to the stimuli of various kinds to which they would not be exposed in a life spent exclusively with the human family.

In addition, fear of new or unfamiliar environments generates anxiety and fear in the dog, but as has been observed in various scientific studies, the anxiety level determined by the stress hormone cortisol drops in a socialised dog.

A less anxious dog, which physiologically means with less cortisol and adrenalin in circulation, is an individual with stronger immune defences.

dog socialization

How Socialization Happens

Socialisation can take place in two ways. With other dogs, or also in the presence of people, with multiple benefits that can be summarised in learning the ability to relate to the unfamiliar in a balanced manner.

When the dog learns the principles that govern life in nature from his peers, he assimilates a whole series of ritual behaviours that have the purpose of resolving social confrontations, providing useful information, balancing the emotional energy of the pack. If these behaviours are not learnt, the dog may find it more difficult to relate and communicate.

There are various types of complex activities that take place during socialisation. One of the main ones is play, a fundamental part of learning in which dogs communicate and pass on important information.

During these activities, an explanation is given of what happens between the dogs: postures, facial expressions, pacification signals, etc.  This is so that every owner becomes increasingly aware of canine language in order to communicate best with their dog by entering its world.

In socialisation classes, the most well-balanced dogs help other dogs who need to learn, and they do so in a way that is beautiful to watch. The instructor has the task and privilege of pointing this out to the owners, who are always amazed by the complexity of these dynamics but also by the generosity and skill with which the experienced dogs teach and pass on these fundamental lessons.

Dog Socialization


Any age from puppy to oldy

1 hour per session

This is the perfect place for them to learn from others with you

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