Dog walking and hiking

Dog Walking and Hiking

Dog walking and hiking has two principal points of health for your dogs : psychological/emotional and physical. One of the best ways to keep us and our four-legged friend healthy and well is to go for a nice walk with him

Dog Walking

Essentially, it is a long, brisk walk done together with the instructor and other friends with the dog on a leash, and it takes place in parks, in city areas, along pavements and streets, on beaches where it is permitted, in any environment in which the dog might find itself during its life.

Of course, one starts gradually, beginning with gentle walks at reasonable times: we never force the dog, nor the owner, we slow down if someone shows signs of tiredness or thirst, and we always walk in full compliance with city and road rules for the safety of all.

And often, we stop for a café leche or an aperitif at a suitable café ,the spectacle of several dogs sitting on leashes alongside their owners at the table is always something beautiful to watch.

And for the dog this moment at the café is also learning, sitting quietly especially when seeing other dogs and knowing how to wait are some of the many lessons that are taught in a natural and alternative way during dog walking.

Learn and Walk Together

Learn together and walk

Dog walking is a wonderful opportunity to grow and learn, as the dog walks on the leash savouring the moment and the joy of nature and the thousands of stimuli encountered, at the same time, it is a fundamental step for him to learn not only how to walk alongside the handler but also the correct reaction to encounters with people, vehicles, noises, etc. And there are always moments of play where the dogs are free to run happily together with their friends on the walk, in suitable areas.



dog walking and hiking

Aims & Benifits

Among the aims that are achieved with this activity is that of establishing a total connection with our dog that will allow us to reach perfect recall in all circumstances with the knowledge that we are not in danger of losing our dog, which unfortunately happens more often than we think.

The benefits are many: walking together with others is a great experience for everyone, even those observing from the outside.

In fact, dog walking has the prerogative of connecting the dog to the person leading it. it is a link that goes far beyond the physical bond of the leash and is expressed through positive emotions that are received by the dog and re-expressed in turn but managed in a balanced way thanks to the rules of behaviour to be implemented during the walk.

Moving at a brisk pace is good not only for humans but also for dogs, who need to run and frolic in the fresh air every day.

Dog Hiking

Dog Hiking

City dog walking over time can become dog hiking when you organise walks in natural areas that require more effort but are also very satisfying.

Tenerife is an island with many suitable locations, where few tourists come. Hiking with dogs in these areas while stopping to eat a sandwich in front of the mountains or the ocean is a truly unique experience.

dog walking and hiking


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