Group Lessons

Group lessons are a great opportunity to allow the dogs to learn with their master and socialize at the same time

The Group Lessons

One of the most effective ways to train a dog, whether it is a puppy or a mature adult, is the group lesson, in which several owners follow the instructor’s guidance to work and have fun together.

Although at Tenerife Dog Boarding And Training there are also private and in-home lessons, the benefits of group lessons are many and largely based on group socialization.


group lessons

The Social Side

The dog is by nature a social animal, part of his personality is a strong need to feel part of a group, to cooperate for the collective good of several individuals. This intrinsic necessity generates the need to interact, to communicate, to feel important to other group members and also to make one’s human friend happy.

The environment is full of distractions compared to a one-to-one lesson or at home, but even this should be seen as an opportunity, not an obstacle, because it helps the dog to remain alert and to establish a connection with the owner who is leading him, just as happens when walking outside.

group lessons

Goals of Group Lessons

Some dog problems that will be improved with the group lesson

– Intraspecific/interspecific aggression

– Jumps on everyone

– Chases everything that moves

– Is afraid of objects or loud noises

– Is hyperactive and never stands still

– Pulls at the leash

group lessons


Any age from puppy to oldy

1 hour per session

This is the perfect place for them to learn from others with you

Give us a call and we will explain the pricing table for 1 or a block of lessons

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