kids and dogs

Kids and Dogs

Kids and Dogs together is one of the most interesting services offered by Tenerife Dog Boarding And Training. We have a dog training school for children and young people in which they learn the basic rules for interacting with the dog at home, but also with others at the centre.

Kids and Dogs Together

Taking care of a furry friend, for a child or teenager, is a highly formative experience if it is well managed because it makes them responsible for caring for a living being that has its own needs but also knows how to give so much: for example, in addition to years of play and friendship, it can help the teenager with the difficulties faced during adolescence. All this, however, depends on the correct and healthy development of the relationship between dog and child, and in this the intervention of adults is fundamental.

At Tenerife Dog Boarding And Training, children and adolescents learn the basics of education, basic obedience techniques, but also the ways in which dogs communicate their emotions and what they think. All this enables them to manage their furry friend in the best possible way and to interact correctly, avoiding problems common in family cohabitation when these notions are not known.

Kids and Dogs Do's & Donts

Many children, in fact, do not know that the dog has its own way of responding to ways that it considers importunate and sends clear signals that must be interpreted. There are things to do and things not to do, for example:


– Never pull on a dog’s ears, feet or tail.

– Avoid hugging the dog, especially when he’s sleeping, or bringing the face close to his because it might perceive you as a threat and bite you



The children quickly learn how to interact with their four-legged friend, and the course proposed by the school enables them to develop wonderful friendships with the other members of the group and the centre’s dogs. The several educational activities and play allow them to enjoy unique experiences in the midst of nature.

In time, some of the children become enthusiastic and once they have grown up, they will wish to deepen their knowledge with appropriate education schools.

kids and dogs


Any age from puppy to oldy or toddler to teenage

1 hour per session

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