Lessons at Home

Lessons at home are a great way to start a course that will help solve our dog’s problems.

Lessons at Home

Lessons at Home is a useful method because dogs, like humans, behave differently at home than outside, this is why it is advantageous for the dog trainer to observe our friend in his familiar environment, to understand his dynamics and recognise the causes of any problems.

lessons at home

Lessons at home can be customized according to requirements.

As in the group lessons, the aim is not for the educator to solve a behavioural problem but for the owner and the family to understand the reasons for it and to learn how to manage it on their own and in time to solve it. This requires everyone to become aware of it and act accordingly. It is not the educator who solves problems but the owner who applies the advice while being followed over time by a tutor.

There are problems that can be solved in one lesson, others that take much longer. The length of this process always depends on the owner, i.e. on how much he manages to change his behaviour and his communicative attitude towards the dog.

In addition to targeted advice aimed at solving a problem, the educator will also pass on to the owner and the family very useful information in other situations, which aims to connect the dog and its human friends by creating a healthy relationship of love, friendship and understanding.

Boarding and Dog Training Services


Any age from puppy to oldy

1 hour per session

This is why we are here, we can meet at a pre-arranged neutral ground for the introduction.

This is the perfect place for them to learn the basics , then we can move onto our trainer dogs with them

Give us a call and we will explain the pricing table for 1 or a block of lessons

Its a small island , just give us a call and we will discuss it with you.

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