Private Lessons

Private lessons because very dog is an individual, just like every human being, with its own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, character and special gifts. Private lessons are necessary when behavioural problems make living together in a social canine and human context difficult, or when the owner requests it.

So Why Private Lessons ?

One-to-one tuition makes it possible to deepen one’s knowledge of the dog and the dynamics at work in its adoptive family. Very often it is the human element that influences the dog without knowing its language, so to speak, i.e. without knowing how to convey the rules and what is expected of him.

The dog learns a little differently from the human being and when there are signs of stress, behavioural problems and so on, very often there is unbalanced emotionality towards the dog and sometimes also among family members. But no situation is hopeless and everything can be resolved.

How Private Lessons Work

We always start with an initial meeting in which we assess the dog, his situation, and the family he lives with, in order to get a complete picture of the situation, after which we use the approach, timing and techniques best suited to the problems highlighted, in agreement with the owner.

The Tenerife Dog Boarding And Training centre deals with each dog through positive reinforcement, i.e. rewards and cuddles whenever the dog acts as expected. This allows the association of a pleasurable element with a specific action, which ultimately leads the dog to perform with joy what is required of him.

It is essential that the dog moves in an environment that makes him feel protected and appreciated and that everything takes place in a context of safety and play.

Sometimes trainer dogs are used, i.e. canine individuals who facilitate teaching by transmitting through appropriate behaviour the information the dog needs as the pack would do.


Goals of Private Lessons


A series of private lessons helps to achieve results such as:

– Good leash behaviour

– Making your dog calm and sociable

– Preventing your dog from running after bikes, cars, motorbikes, runners

– Solving aggression problems

– Resolve fears, abandonment anxiety and trauma related to his past

– Enrich your relationship and bring joy to the whole family

Problems solved !


– He is very protective of his toys

– Constantly demands food while eating

– Does his business in the house

– Jumps on the furniture, the sofa or the bed

– Runs away from home and does not return

– Has some kind of obsession

– When alone in the house he destroys everything

– Barks all night


– He pulls at the leash

– Does not return to the call

– Runs away from the gate as soon as he can


– Shows separation anxiety

– He is hyperactive and never stays still

– You cannot establish a relationship of trust

– He does not play and has no stimulation

– He pees when he sees you


– Intraspecific/interspecific aggression

– He jumps on everyone

– Chases everything that moves

– Is afraid of objects or loud noises

– Aggressive while eating


Any age from puppy to oldy

1 hour per session

This is the perfect place for them to learn from our trainer dogs with you

Give us a call and we will explain the pricing table for 1 or a block of lessons

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